Esquadrias Schwegler Ltda.

Flush and Grooved Doors for Coating

Line of ecological doors that use 98% raw material in their manufacture from planted forests, preserving natural resources and respecting our nature;
⠀• Manufactured with MDF boards and solid filling;
⠀• To be used in any indoor environment;
⠀• Easy and fast installation;
⠀• Greater dimensional stability and uniform thickness;
⠀• Ease of finishing;
⠀• Great impact resistance;
⠀• Greater thermal and acoustic insulation in addition to ensuring lighter door light;

Laminated Flush and Grooved Doors

• Manufactured with Eucadur hardboar covered with Jequitibá veneer, solid or semisolid, double hardwood styles.
• For interior use
• Easy assembly

Decorative Doors

Raised Moldings/Lowered Panels

Recessed cushion doors covered with jequitibá blades or with a white primer for environments with style and refinement.

Bifold Doors

Lowered panel, raised mouding, engineered doors cover with Jequitibá veneer or white primer for stylish environment.

Solid Wood Doors of Jequitibá

• For exterior use

Jambs and Mouldings

Solid wood doorjambs of Eucalyptus or Jequitibá.

Mouldings of Eucalyptus or Jequitibá.