Esquadrias Schwegler Ltda.

Esquadrias Schwegler Ltda: a history of family tradition.

Following the footsteps of Mr. Eugenio Schwegler, the company is now under the management of the family’s third generation.
Located in Porto União – SC, the company is active in the Brazilian market as well as abroad offering extreme quality control e strict safety and beauty standards in its decorative internal doors and solid wood external doors.
Thinking in the future, ESL has a line of eco doors that are manufactured with recycled material and reforestation wood. Nowadays our products are in all over Brazilian national territory as well as in Porto Rico, Venezuela, Canada, USA, Argentina, Guatemala, Sweden, Italy, Chile, Jordan, Senegal and England.

Over 90 years of history:

In 1928 the German immigrant Eugênio Schwegler arrived in Porto União – SC to work as carpenter, later he founded his own company, also working with wood.
During the World War II, when Germans immigrants were persecuted in Brazil, Eugênio Schwegler was arrested and taken to Joinville-SC. Thereafter, his three children, Hedith, Erich and Alvino took over the company, which in 1952 received the name of Irmãos Schwegler Ltda.
Initially the company produced household furniture and later on it specialized itself in wooden doors and windows.
Esquadrias Schwegler Ltda. was established in 1986 under the management of Mr. Alvino Schwegler and his sons. Later in 2006, Álvaro and Maurício Schwegler took over the business. In 2008, Irmãos Schwegler Ltda. was once again part of this business society and under the same management. Nowadays the Schwegler Group has two factories, offering decorative internal doors and solid wood doors.